httpvh:// A classic suspension. A memorable experience. Kudos to the writer and director, Christopher Nolan. Rating: [rating: 4.5/5]

Iron Man 2

httpvh:// Stupidly loud. Rating: [rating: 1.5/5]


httpvh:// Marvelous. The new standard for Sci-Fi movies. Rating: [rating: 4/5]


httpvh:// A disaster film that is not that stupid. Rating: [rating: 3.5/5]

District 9

httpvh:// A different hero. A different Sci-Fi. Rating: [rating: 4/5]

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

httpvh:// Long, loud, but I just love it because of the morphing sound effects. Rating: [rating: 3/5]

Terminator: Salvation

httpvh:// No Schwarzenegger, no soul. Rating: [rating: 3/5]