Galápagos – Punta Mangle – Fernandina Island

Punta Mangle is a small bay on Fernandina Island. Here we saw the courtship of the most iconic bird of the Galapagos Islands, the blue-footed booby; and learned about mangrove's unique features that have evolved to adapt to the high salinity of the water.

Galápagos – Punta Moreno – Isabela Island

Punta Moreno's landing site is a vast expanse of rugged volcanic lava fields. The occasional lagoons not only nourish the surrounding plants and shrubs, but also provide a place for birds to relish. Hardly anything can grow in the barren lava fields, but only tough plants like cactus can take root among the volcanic rocks.

Galápagos – Santa Cruz Island

We spent our first day in Galápagos at Santa Cruz Island. We walked among the giant tortoises, learned the fascinating story of the Scalesia tree and start understanding the unique natural history about the archipelago.