Paris – The Seine

In a beautiful day of autumn, whether overlooking from the top of Notre Dame or cruising on the river boat, you will fall in love with the Seine.

San Diego

First-time visit San Diego downtown, Gaslamp Quarter. What a vibrant town at the night!

Lights of the Valley

The best and brightest Christmas light and yard displays in the valley.


In a gorgeous later fall day, we had a chance to hike the Stanford Dish Trail and visit Stanford Museum for the first time.

Paris – Left Bank

Jardin du Luxembourg maybe lively and charming, but what surprised us was how so many people could sit around the pond in a weekday afternoon. French really know how to enjoy their lives! Well, maybe it's related to their 35-hour workweek rules. Weekend already starts on Friday afternoon.

Paris – Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is known for its niche bookstores, quirky boutiques, intimate bistros and cafés. Maze-like side streets are narrow and crowded. Home to a number of oldest universities in the world, its lively and romantic atmosphere attract students and intellectuals for more than 800 years.