Paris – Tuileries and The Louvre

Since it was built as a Fortress in the Medieval period, to the grand renovation in the Renaissance, to its opening to the public at the end of the 18th century, to today becoming the most prestigious Museum in the world, Louvre' architecture and collections are the greatest treasures of mankind.

Paris – Montmartre

With the peaceful Sacré-Coeur on the top of the height and winding alleys that still retain village-like style, just walking around Montmartre is a treat.

Los Cabos

The trip to Los Cabos, there was no aggressive schedule, but sunny beach, casual towns and delicious food. It only takes two-and-half-hour flight to get there. It's a good choice for a short get-away.

Paris – Place de la Concorde and Opéra

With the darkened sky and chilly wind, Paris suddenly felt like early winter. The rain finally came, those sculptures and fine buildings seemed gleaming more delicately and brightly in the rain.

Seattle – Olympic National Park

In hindsight, we should plan the trip to the park better. Given the distance from the city, you should plan to stay at least two nights in order to explore the Pacific side of the Olympic National Park.

Seattle – City

We spent one day to explore both sides of the downtown on foot.

Half Moon Bay Excursion

One-day excursion to Half Moon Bay revealed several candidates that we can make a short stay in the future.

Paris – Les Invalides and Champs-Élysées

After several sunny and warm days, a cloudy Paris allowed us to taste a different kind of romance of the city. Our focus of the city tour also shifted from the left bank to the right.