Farmer’s Market

My wife and I go to Farmer's Market regularly during the weekend. Here are some photos we took in May this year when we went to Farmer's Market in Mountain View and Santa Cruz. More pictures are posted in my gallery.


First learnt the sport called "chess-boxing" from 7/21's Time Magazion. The opponents plays alternating rounds between 3-min. boxing and 4-min. of speed chess, until knockout or checkmate. As the official website puts it, it is the combination of #1 thinking game and #1 fighting game, (IMHO, chess is not the…

Orchestral Fantasy with San Francisco Symphony

As a long time classic music lover, this is my first time to go to a concert. The concert was performed on 7/9 at Flint Center by San Francisco Symphony as part of 2008 "Summer in the City" events. Three programs were played, Bach: Toccata and Fugue Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in…

First Post

I've decided to change my homepage to a blog, so I can take advantage of the design of Wordpress and keep the page more dynamic. Hope you like it too.