OpenStack Summit for Juno release was held at Atlanta between May 12th and 16th. This is my second time attending the summit. It’s clear that OpenStack is getting maturer from release to release. People started talking about problems in large scale deployment; vendors were presenting tools that enhance scalability, reliability and end-to-end deployment solutions. It’s also clear that tech giants were fighting hard for more influential positions in various projects to maximize their interests. I just wish this undercurrent would create some balance and healthy competitions between big vendors without sabotaging the whole project.

OpenStack Summit, Atlanta
OpenStack Summit Atlanta

I have been to Atlanta in 1998, 16 years ago. I had toured CNN Center and World of Colo-Cola, visited Martin Luther King National Historic Site and Stone Mountain at that time. During my 4-day stay this time, I just went to see Georgia Aquarium, High Museum of Arts and take Marta to meet my friend at Doraville.

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