Google Analytics not only maintains how many visitors your website has and where they are from, it also has detailed breakdown of how they get to your site. From these statistics, you can more or less sense the current status of Internet. It is interesting to study them and compare them from time to time to see the transition of the computer industry.

The following screenshots are from Google Analytics of my blog site. My site has only about 900 visitors so far, but I think we can see some trends already. The noises made by my own visits should be mostly eliminated, because I can configure WordPressGoogle Analytics plugin to not to send statistics to Google for logged in users.

Operation Systems: Windows dominate; MAC has 13% market share.

Browsers: IE takes 45%; Fairefox is catching up fast, 28%. Google Chrome’s share seems too high in this diagram. The reason might be that many of my blogs are technology oriented, and Chrome should more popular in tech people.

Search Engine: Google is way ahead its competitors. It grabs 85% of market. You have to optimize for Google.

Network Speed: Most people use DSL; number of Cable user is about half of it.

Screen Resolutions: Desktop users are migrating to larger and wider screen. Visitors using 1024×768 screen should be from laptops.

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