Top 10 News of Physics89 in 2001

Wang, Fusheng

10. The number of Physics89 employees passes the number of students
Who is the first to work, and who will be the last?

9. Physics89 new marriages: Cui, Lin; Xu, Wang; Du, Weiliang; Wang, Jun; Zhao, Runchuan; and Liu, Xiaoming
How many are still available?

8. Physics89 new baby: Lucas
Who will be the next new parent?

7. Dr. Xu’s Original Digital Photography Gallery.
Dr. Xu will make it a site for Physics89 family ablums as well

6. Los Angeles reunion.
Everybody got to know Huanyong’s flattering theory, but needs time to understand and practice. Thanks for LLP’s 2-week tickets, everybody here got a chance to visit Universal Studio/Sea World for free!

5. Little Bird, as the first crab eater, returns China for business
There is nothing shameful to be the 2nd crab eater?

4. Boss Wu’s visit
The first physics89 professor

3. Ms. Yuan is now the FLG spokeswoman of North America
Who can be as famous as she?

2. Physics89ers safe from 911 attack
God Blesses Physics89!

1. Las Vegas Reunion
Who didn’t laugh out of tears?

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